Choose from any of the Ponies and Pipsqueaks themes and let us do all the work!

Please note: Costume and Quest themes are only available April – October due to weather restrictions. Parties booked from January – March have theme options of All About Ponies or Rainbows and Unicorns.

Fairy Princesses

The Enchanted Forest has been cursed! The fairy princesses will need to saddle up their unicorns and rid the forest of “glitter snakes”!

Cowboys and Cowgirls

The first skill every cowboy or cowgirl must learn is how to rope a cow! After a little practice we will grab our ponies and head out on the range to round up the cattle!

Knights and Princess Knights

An evil wizard has put a curse on the kingdom! We will get our trusty stead’s and unicorns to go on a knightly quest to save the day

Pony Patrol

Fireworks have scared all the neighbourhood kitties and now they stuck in the trees. Only the bravest of the brave, the Pony Patrol can save the day!


An important part to keeping the rainforest safe and healthy is researching and documenting it. Our Ponies and Pipsqueaks Research Team is in charge of taking an inventory of the jungle to see how many animals live there. Watch out for lions!

Rainbows & Unicorns

Transform our ponies into real, live unicorns. Right down to the hoof paint!

***Please note: this theme does NOT include costumes or a quest.


Baby dragons are lost in the woods and only the brave Vikings will be able to return them to the safely of their nest!

All About Ponies

This is a great option for older or mixed age groups that may be more interested in learning about ponies and hands on time than dressing up. Time will be spent learning basic horsemanship such as grooming, feeding, colours and breeds of horses and will be customized to suit the age group of the party.