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Prince Charming

Height: 11 hands (44 inches)

Breed: Scottish Shetland Pony/Welsh Pony

Prince Charming was rescued in March of 2021 from just outside Red Deer, Alberta. He arrived in a lot of pain and very scared. He had an active case of laminitis and his hooves were overgrown and curled forcing him to walk on his fetlocks. He was very difficult to catch as he did not have much trust of humans. After about 3 months of frequent farrier visits and the pain and inflammation in his hooves started to subside and Prince Charming started to slowly show us his sweet personality.

In 2022 Prince Charming had a flare up of his laminitis and it was discovered through bloodwork he is also insulin resistant and suffers from Cushing’s disease. X-rays were also performed showing a very long history with founder/laminitis and helped our farrier see how he could make him more comfortable. Since starting his new diet, Cushing’s medication and having the angle of his feet sorted, it is remarkable to see how much more trusting he is becoming now that his chronic pain is finally subsiding. We love watching his confidence grow!

Prince Charming prefers children over adults. He has never met a kid he didn’t like! He still isn’t so sure of strange adults but with everyday he spends with us he gets more and more comfortable realizing he is safe in his forever home.


Height: 8 hands (32 inches)

Breed: Miniature Horse

Jasper came from another rescue farm in Buck Lake, Alberta in May of 2021. His owner sent a picture of him painted like a zebra, standing inside a nursing home with a toddler on his back and we knew he would fit right in!

Once Jasper arrived it didn’t take him long to fall madly in love with another new arrival, Sparkles. These two are now inseparable. When Sparkles needed to be moved to another stall to recover from an injury poor Jasper went into a month long depression. He moped around and wasn’t interested in food or attention. Although we tried everything to cheer him up he didn’t snap out of it until they were reunited.

As not all relationships are not meant to last, Jasper and Sparkles had an amicable breakup a couple years later after Sparkles refused to share her food. They tried couples counselling but it was clear the spark had fizzled. Heartbroken, Jasper quickly moved on to an older lady, Ginger. He lets Ginger take the lead and she takes good care of her little man. What a great match!


Height: 8.3 hands (35 inches)

Breed: Miniature Horse

Sparkles arrived at Ponies and Pipsqueaks in May of 2021. Due to a hock injury and a deformity in her hind hoof it was quickly determined that Sparkles would not be able to ever be ridden. Although we briefly considered rehoming her, her amazing personality soon won us all over. Even our vet said she has never met such a sweet miniature horse which is a good thing since Sparkles has required A LOT of vet visits.

In October of 2021 Sparkles suffered a severe injury to her right eye in a paddock accident. Despite 5 weeks of around the clock treatments every 6 hours, the membrane ruptured and Sparkles had to have her eye removed. Even though she has 1 eye and often walks on 3 legs, Sparkles is one of the most gentle ponies we’ve ever met that wins the heart of everyone she meets!


Height: 9 hands (36 inches)

Breed: Scottish Shetland Pony

Taco is the baby of our herd at only 6 years old when he arrived from Alberta in June of 2021. When Taco arrived he was so chubby we got asked regularly if he was pregnant! He suffers from a condition common to Shetland ponies called a locking patella, aka the “Shetland Hitch”. To treat his condition Taco needs to walk a minimum of 5kms of hills EVERYDAY. The Ponies and Pipsqueaks team are committed to helping Taco heal without surgery and take shifts coming to the farm every day, including holidays, rain or shine to make sure he gets the movement he needs. As a result Taco has dropped the pounds and these days is rocking a new, trim physique!


Height: 10.2 hands (46 inches)

Breed: American Shetland/Miniature Horse

Ginger arrived with her half sister Winnie in November of 2021. Unlike the rest of our herd Ginger is not a rescue but a rehomed pony. Ginger was born and raised at Tiger Lily Farm near Parksville. When Tiger Lily decided to retire from the pony ride business they reached out to Ponies and Pipsqueaks to see if we could take some of their ponies. We are so glad they did since both Ginger and Winnie have fit in so well at Ponies and Pipsqueaks. Quite the opposite of our typical rescues Ginger often forgets about personal space as she just wants as much love as possible.


Height: 12.2 hands (50 inches)

Breed: American Shetland/Arab

Winnie is our tallest pony and half sister to Ginger. The 2 arrived in November of 2021 and have been an asset in helping us accommodate taller riders. Winnie is a talkative girl that always greets you with a nicker or a whinny. We’re guessing that’s how she got her name. Her bold personality and unique colour pattern makes her hard to forget!


Height: 10 hands (40″)

Breed: Miniature Donkey

When Churro arrived at the farm in July 2021 he was a sad little guy. After losing his companion horse he sank into a deep depression and had rubbed his hind end completely bald! To say this was not a good look for a donkey is an understatement to say the least and Churro’s pink bottom resembled that of a baboon! Thankfully with a little love his hair quickly grew back and he found a new companion in his stall mate Prince Charming.

The first time you meet Churro you will believe in love at first sight. This adorable, emotionally needy little fellow will melt your heart with his constant need to be “held”. He will lay his head in your arms for you to hug and would likely stay there all day if you had the time. Our staff are known for coming by on their day off just for some Churro cuddles.

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