Pony Programs for ages 3+

Costumes, Ponies, Adventure Quests and Endless Possibilities!

At Ponies and Pipsqueaks we offer a variety of one of a kind programs to peak imagination, educate and of course, develop a love for all things horsey.

2023 Birthday Parties are now open for booking!

Pony Adventure Quests

Vikings who rescue baby dragons, knights and princesses saving the enchanted kingdom or cowboys and cowgirls rounding up lost cattle, all while learning how to ride!

Kids Night Out/Horsemanship Nights

Parents need ‘me’ time and kids deserve a night out too. Ponies and Pipsqueaks has the solution!

Birthday Parties

The most memorable birthday parties involve ponies! Choose from any of the Ponies and Pipsqueaks themes and let us do all the work or we can work together to customize your child’s dream party!


At Ponies and Pipsqueaks we strive to offer the magic of horses which in turn teaches responsibility, resilience and determination, in a fun, accessible way.

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